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The sewage treatment station needs to install online monitoring equipment-BOQU Instrument sewage monitoring equipment

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
In the process of sewage treatment monitoring, sewage treatment stations need to install online monitoring equipment, many of which require unattended equipment, which are not suitable for current national standard chemical method equipment due to factors such as terrain, climate, and monitoring range, mainly because of poor mobility and cost High, poor scalability, inconvenient equipment maintenance and other shortcomings, while the emerging online monitoring equipment relying on GPRS Internet of Things in the market has incomparable cost-effective advantages in the monitoring of sewage treatment plants. Sewage treatment stations need to install on-line monitoring equipment, which are mainly divided into three types according to the nature of monitoring, vertical pole integrated type (installed at the outlet of sedimentation tank), cylinder input type (mainly used for urban sewage pipe network), and a The second is the micro-station on the shore (used to monitor whether the river at the sewage outlet exceeds the standard); the main detection indicators are: flow rate, flow rate, PH value, COD, ammonia nitrogen, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.; real-time on-site data Collected into the intelligent monitoring terminal, the data is transmitted through the MODIBUS standard protocol, and the data can be viewed on the independent account of the Kinaf cloud platform, and the data can also be directly uploaded to the ecological bureau or environmental protection bureau for grid management. The main features are as follows: 1. Water body test data query, curve drawing, site map, alarm records, etc. 2. Independent account password can be logged in for free using a computer or mobile phone 3. A variety of data output interfaces can provide free assistance for data docking agreements 3. You can set alarm SMS, WeChat, email and other early warning methods. 4. Sewage treatment is generally in remote areas. Here KNF-400C is designed with humanized engineering, so that engineers can remotely and directly respond to network parameters without going to the site. The configuration is very time-saving and labor-intensive. At present, sewage treatment stations need to install online monitoring equipment, which is directly related to the quality of the ecological environment. Under the special background, national policies are also vigorously promoted. Shenzhen Kinaf Technology has a nationwide application in the field of online monitoring of sewage water quality. Welcome to consult, free on-site installation.
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