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The significance of the existence of residual chlorine detector for environmental protection

by:BOQU     2023-03-31
The significance of the existence of the residual chlorine detector for environmental protection Residual chlorine means that after chlorine is put into water, in addition to interacting with bacteria, microorganisms, organic and inorganic substances in the water to consume part of the chlorine, there is still a part of residual chlorine. This part of chlorine is called residual chlorine, also known as free chlorine. At present, chlorine-containing disinfectants are often used for disinfection in public places and households. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure sufficient concentration of disinfectant to ensure the disinfection effect; on the other hand, the amount of residual chlorine in the sewage discharged into the urban sewage treatment plant may be high, which will affect the normal operation of the biochemical treatment device. At the same time, excessive residual chlorine may also affect surface water, groundwater and drinking water sources, and affect the ecological environment and drinking water sources. Determining the content and state of residual chlorine in water is of great significance to the disinfection effect, environmental water quality and drinking water safety. Therefore, the existence of residual chlorine detector is of great significance to environmental protection. The desktop residual chlorine analyzer can measure residual chlorine and total chlorine in water, and has the characteristics of easy operation and high sensitivity. It is widely used in on-site rapid detection of water quality in the fields of urban water supply, food and beverage, environment, medical treatment, chemistry, pharmacy, thermoelectricity, papermaking, aquaculture, bioengineering, fermentation technology, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical industry, water treatment, etc.
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