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The significance of turbidity online detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
The turbidity online detector is mainly used to measure impurities and particles in water, but according to the news, the turbidity online detector can also measure the ph value of water in addition to the small suspended particles in the water. It is groundless, because with the needs of industrial production, the use of turbidity online detectors has also been further improved. Turbidity is the degree to which suspended matter in water hinders the passage of light. Suspended solids and colloids such as soil, dust, fine organic matter, zooplankton and other microorganisms in the water can cause turbidity in the water. The turbidity online detector adopts the principle of 90° scattered light. When the parallel light beam emitted by the light source passes through the solution, part of it is absorbed and scattered, and the other part passes through the solution. It is very important to have a turbidity online detector with multiple roles, because the turbidity and ph value of groundwater can reflect the strength of the earthquake and the measured value can also be used as the basis for predicting earthquakes. This method has been used in the past Yes but never implemented. Today, on the basis of the turbidity on-line detector, it is improved, so that the new turbidity on-line detector has a better application. In order to reduce the complexity of measurement and realize the simplification of operation, the new turbidity online detector has multiple functions. There are three types of turbidity standard tubes: (1) transparent circular measuring tubes sealed with or polymer turbidity liquid (2) translucent polymer cylinders with the same size and shape as the measuring tubes. (3) Suspension formed by the gel body of metal oxide fine particles sealed in the transparent circular measuring tube of the turbidity online detector.
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