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The source and harm of total nitrogen pollution

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
The source of total nitrogen pollution The nitrogen in the water body mainly comes from the metabolism of organisms, the discharge of industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, and the loss of nitrogen fertilizer. There are four forms of nitrogen in sewage, namely organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen (a small amount) and nitrate nitrogen (the final product of the nitrification process). The total nitrogen content in typical sewage is about 40-50mg/L. Excessive nitrogen in the water body will cause eutrophication, deteriorate the water quality, and affect the growth and reproduction of aquatic organisms. Harm of total nitrogen 1. Cause eutrophication of water body: when the total nitrogen content in water body is too high, it will promote the excessive reproduction of algae plants; 2. Consumption of oxygen in water body: the mass reproduction of algae consumes a large amount of dissolved oxygen in water , so that the dissolved oxygen content in the water drops sharply; 3. Increase the difficulty of total nitrogen treatment: in general biological treatment methods, due to the eutrophication of the water body, a large number of algae and aquatic microorganisms multiply to block the filter and destroy its normal operation; 4 , Toxic to the human body and organisms: Ammonia in the water can be converted into nitrite and nitrate, which is a potential threat to the human body. The total nitrogen rapid analyzer adopts the grating double-beam detection system, 360° rotating colorimetric detection, imported dual light sources, imported detectors, 7-inch color touch screen and other high-performance indicators, which meet the national standard 'HJ 636-2012 Determination of total nitrogen in water quality' Requirements for the detection of potassium persulfate digestion ultraviolet spectrophotometry. It is suitable for laboratory water quality testing in the fields of industry, municipal administration, environmental protection, education and scientific research, and disease control.
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