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The technical characteristics brought to you by the water quality testing instrument

by:BOQU     2022-03-23

Water quality testing instrument price, the professional instrument for analyzing the content of water quality components, instruments for measuring water: BOD, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen and other items. The water quality detection instrument involves the corresponding substances in the water through electrochemical reaction or chemical reaction and then calculates the content of the corresponding substances in the water by colorimetry, titration, conductivity measurement, etc. In order to protect the water environment, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of sewage discharge. The decline of drinking water quality is extremely harmful to human health. Water quality detectors play an important role in environmental protection, water quality testing and water resources protection.

Price and technical features of water quality testing instruments:

1. Good detection accuracy and reliable data.

2. Less reagent consumption, low operating cost and strong anti-interference ability.

3. Touch screen operation, full Chinese man-machine interface, built-in function software.

4. The measurement range is wide, and the measurement range can be switched according to the actual situation of the water sample.

5. Support printing, real-time printing of detection data, and query and printing of historical data.

6. The shell is made of metal material, which is safe and durable. Equipped with large-area glass windows, the experimental process can be monitored in real-time.

7. The integration of optical detection module, electrochemical workstation and automatic titration detection module is realized by using new software and hardware technology.

8. It has the functions of automatic calibration of zero point, the automatic establishment of the working curve, automatic storage of measurement data and graphics, etc., and can call test data and graphics at any time.

9. High-precision chemical composition detection circuit, solid-state detection system, no moving parts, strong shock resistance and moisture resistance.

10. The intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes instrument management and maintenance easy and convenient.

11. Automatic constant temperature control system, PID adjustment technology, constant temperature and high precision in the digestion process.

12.1-point to 7-point calibration mode, automatic calculation of slope, intercept and correlation coefficient, high measurement accuracy.

13. The instrument has a built-in real-time clock, and each measurement record has a measurement time stamp, which is convenient for statistics and queries.

14. Large-capacity data storage, power-off protection design, to ensure that the instrument is not damaged and data records are lost.

15. Strong anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial sites, and can be widely used in the monitoring of surface water and pollution sources.

16. It has a data output interface, which can be connected to a computer and transmit the measurement data to the computer.

17. The instrument comes with a thermal printer, which can directly print measurement data and historical data.

18. The determination and digestion systems are designed separately, controlled by the independent power supply, and the operation process can be carried out separately without affecting each other.

19. The instrument adopts a semiconductor cold light source illuminator, unique optical circuit design, strong anti-interference ability, high measurement data accuracy, good stability, and the light source life can reach tens of thousands of hours.

20. The pretreatment unit is rich and diverse, with built-in pretreatment units such as dilution, digestion, distillation, fluid distribution, etc., with strong anti-interference, which enhances the detection range of the instrument and the accuracy of the tested samples.

21. The price of the water quality testing instrument is equipped with special reagents, which are stable and reliable, easy to operate, and ensure the detection accuracy. Each time the test of a sample is completed, the amount of reagents is small, which saves the operating cost for the operator to the greatest extent.

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