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The total phosphorus detector has outstanding advantages in practical application

by:BOQU     2021-12-03

The total phosphorus detector has high precision, long life, and more stability. Can determine the content of total phosphorus in the water. This instrument adopts the colorimetric tube colorimetric method, the experiment process is simple and easy to operate; intelligent data analysis function, chart. List-display data, analysis at a glance; high-definition color LCD screen, Chinese display interface, full Chinese keyboard, humanized operation Hint, it's easier to use. Can be widely used in various industries.

Scope of application:

It can be widely used in colleges, universities, scientific research institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, petrochemicals, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, textiles, leather, winemaking, dairy, electronics, municipal engineering and other industries.

The advantages and characteristics of the instrument:

1. Reagents: The total phosphorus detector can be equipped with complete detection reagents.

2. Optical system: The instrument adopts optical fiber spectroscopic system technology to ensure accuracy of detection accuracy.

3. Data upload: The test data can be stored in a large amount, can also be uploaded, and the data can be saved. The processing is flexible and diverse.

4. Appearance: The casing is made of special materials. The model is integrated by injection molding, which is resistant to acid and alkali. It is not easy to age, beautiful and generous. Durable.

5. Cost-effective: The instrument has a rich comprehensive configuration, and the optical path and circuit components are purchased globally. Compared with the same industry, it has a very high cost-effective.

6. Display: Choose a 7-inch large-screen color capacitive touch screen, which is comfortable and sensitive in operation, good in the display, and rich in content on a single screen.

7. Filters: 3 wavelength filters are equipped as standard to meet the test requirements of COD high range, COD low range, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and turbidity.

8. Curve chart: The total phosphorus detector has powerful data processing capabilities. It can display the concentration curve, fitting curve, data chart, etc. without an external computer, and it can also be saved and printed.

9. Reference channel: The instrument is equipped with a fixed automatic reference channel. During the detection process, the reference concentration and the concentration of the sample to be tested can be automatically read directly at the same time. The total phosphorus detector improves the detection accuracy and avoids manual work. Operational error.

Main functions:

1. Print current data and stored data.

2.3 groups of timing systems can be used for 3 people to experiment at the same time.

3. The instrument can calculate and store the curve according to the standard sample.

4. Popular mold design, transparent protective cover, anti-corrosion, and acid resistance, beautiful and practical.

5. Accurately determine the content of total phosphorus in various wastewater, direct reading of the concentration.

6. There are 4 standard curves in memory, 96 of which can be modified and saved by yourself.

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