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The total phosphorus rapid detector can greatly improve the rate under high pressure conditions

by:BOQU     2022-03-14

Principle of Total Phosphorus Rapid Detector: It adopts the colorimetric method and applies the microcomputer photoelectric colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Human error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. The total phosphorus detector is suitable for the detection of the total phosphorus concentration of large, medium and small water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, domestic or industrial water, so as to control the total phosphorus of the water to meet the specified water quality standards.

Total phosphorus detector, high pressure conditions can greatly shorten the digestion time, phosphorus in other valence states is oxidized to orthophosphate, namely PO43-, the whole process is carried out in an orderly manner under the control of the controller, online testing of high temperature chemical digestion of total phosphorus Module, testing all valence states of phosphorus reacts quickly, high pressure conditions can greatly shorten the digestion time, the second part is the analysis module, part is the high temperature chemical digestion module, the chemical reaction makes the sample blue, and all valence state phosphorus compounds are converted into Orthophosphate that can be photometrically analyzed, the reaction is based on the detection of discoloration with a photometer under acidic conditions, high accuracy and automatic cleaning, other valence phosphorus is oxidized to orthophosphate, characteristic molybdenum blue colorimetry, the whole The process is carried out in an orderly manner under the control of the controller, and the characteristic molybdenum blue colorimetry method, so the operation safety is high, and the high temperature is used. , used to heat the digestion sample,

Total Phosphorus Detector Instrument Features:

1. Microcomputer, light-touch keyboard, LCD liquid crystal digital clear display, easy to use.

2. The high-power battery can be configured in the host, which is suitable for quantitative measurement in the field. It can be used continuously for 4 hours after charging for 2 hours, and it can be used immediately after charging.

3. Using the photoelectric colorimetric principle of spectrophotometry, it is convenient to use reagents, the water sample can be read in a few minutes after the reaction is put into the reagents, the value of total phosphorus is displayed digitally, and the reagents are packaged in convenient drip bottles.

4. Integrating a number of independent design achievements, advanced technology, in line with the national standard GB/T5750-2006 drinking water hygiene standards.

5. The calibration curve in the full range is stored in the total phosphorus rapid detector, with power-off protection, the calibration data will not be lost. Automatic zero adjustment and 5-point automatic correction are available. The data has nonlinear processing and data smoothing functions. The minimum reading of the instrument is 0.01mg/L.

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