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The working environment and product characteristics of the total nitrogen rapid detector

by:BOQU     2022-03-08

Introduction to Total Nitrogen Rapid Detector:

The total nitrogen detector is an intelligent instrument for testing the total nitrogen content in water with high speed and low cost. Total nitrogen is an important test item in environmental protection sewage treatment. Therefore, the total nitrogen analyzer has more room to play in the field of water quality monitoring.

Total nitrogen detector combines the classic colorimetric method with advanced computer technology, and replaces the traditional visual colorimetric method with the microcomputer optoelectronic colorimetric detection principle, which eliminates human error and greatly improves the measurement resolution. The measurement process is automated. Scope of application of total phosphorus rapid detector: Widely used in various industries such as laboratory testing, sewage treatment, colleges and universities, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, colleges and universities, scientific research units and other industries.

Product Features of Total Nitrogen Rapid Detector:

1. Data power-off protection function to prevent accidental loss of data.

2. The instrument is measured in sections, with better stability and better measurement

3. The digestion instrument and the measuring instrument are separated and do not interfere with each other, reducing the measurement error.

4. Memory standard working curve, users can also calibrate the curve according to their needs.

5. Imported high-brightness and long-life cold light source is adopted, and the life of the light source is up to 100,000 hours.

6.LED liquid crystal display, all Chinese display, data direct reading, simple and safe operation.

7. It can save 80 standard curves and 1800 measurement values, which is convenient for querying historical measurement data.

8. The built-in printer can print the measured values u200bu200bin real time, which is convenient for experimental recording, analysis and discussion.

9. With a USB interface, the data can be transferred to the computer, which is convenient for analysis, comparison and safe preservation.

10. One-key restore to factory settings, which can quickly restore when the curve is lost due to misoperation.

11. Digestion and colorimetry are integrated. After the digestion, there is no need to transfer the sample, and the measurement can be performed directly, saving time, speed and safety.

12. The digestion apparatus can select the digestion mode with one key, and also supports user-defined settings, which can be freely set from room temperature to 200 °C.

13. The digester of the total nitrogen rapid detector is equipped with the function of anti-over temperature protection system, which can reach the heating temperature alarm prompt and keep the temperature constant. It is generally used for the digestion of COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other projects.
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