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The world's fastest growing water quality analyzer in the future

by:BOQU     2021-07-22

According to the latest survey results released by a research organization in the United States, by 2025, the global water quality monitoring market is expected to reach 4.69 billion U.S. dollars, maintaining a compound increase rate of 4.54%. The reason why shopping malls continue to increase is that, on the one hand, government regulations have become more stringent and the public is more motivated to reduce water pollution levels; on the other hand, more water quality testing and analysis products are used in the industry. However, due to technical constraints and high costs, it is more difficult to produce better water quality testing products.

Among a variety of instruments, the total organic carbon analyzer (TOC) should be the instrument with the fastest increase in demand. Many companies around the world will install water quality testing and monitoring products to reduce water pollution, of which TOC is the most used instrument. In the global water quality monitoring market, according to the classification of water quality, the North American market accounts for about 40%, Europe accounts for 32%, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for 20%, and other regions account for about 8%.

The Asia-Pacific region should be the market with the fastest increase in water quality monitoring equipment in the world. The main reasons include the increase in the demand for drinking water, the stricter requirements on surface water and sewage water quality in regions such as my country and India, and the rapid development of industries in India, my country, South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Now, the world's major water quality analyzer manufacturers include General Electric (USA), Horiba (Japan), Danaher (USA), Agilent (USA), Xylem (USA) and Tridan (USA) Wait.

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