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There are also requirements for sample collection during the water quality analyzer test

by:BOQU     2021-05-14

There are some conditions to pay attention to when using the water quality analyzer. Because there are many specific models of this instrument, and different product models often use different operating methods at the time of use, you must be careful before using it. Reading the elucidation book should be used in accordance with the detailed introduction on the elucidation book, so as to make the detection results accurate. If you do not follow the procedures of the elucidation book, it may cause the product itself to not be used normally, or Lead to inaccurate detection results.

When using a water quality analyzer, pay attention to avoid sample contamination. If the sample is contaminated, then the test results are definitely not representative. The contaminated sample cannot be directly tested. , It should be sampled from the beginning and then tested from the beginning.

When using the water quality analyzer, you should pay attention to the sampling problem. When sampling again, it is recommended to take multiple samples in different places as much as possible, so that the accuracy of the detection can be higher. Sampling in a certain area may not be representative of the results of this local sampling, and then the detected results cannot reflect the results of a certain area in a targeted manner. This kind of instrument is very good in the process of using it. Don't get close to the magnetic field, because if it is close to the magnetic field, it may cause the inspection results inside to be affected.

When the water quality analyzer is testing, there are some requirements on the humidity and temperature of the environment. Different products have different requirements, so take a look at the requirements on humidity and temperature in the clarification book before testing. If it is within the required range, it can be used, if it is not within the required range, it may lead to a decrease in the accuracy of the detection results.

The water quality analyzer itself is very airtight. Don't collide easily when using it, and don't have a strong impact from an external force, otherwise, it may cause damage to the internal components.

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