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Three ways to detect residual chlorine with residual chlorine analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-13
Disinfect and sterilize tap water with chlorine-containing disinfectant agents, which are cheap, effective, and easy to operate, and are very popular. But chlorine has a good killing effect on bacterial cells, and similarly, it also has a serious impact on other organism cells and human cells. The residual chlorine analyzer is highly intelligent and flexible. It can measure residual chlorine, hypochlorous acid, pH and temperature at the same time. It is widely used in electric power, water supply, medicine, chemical industry, food and other industries. Values ​​are measured continuously. It can be used to monitor the residual chlorine content in drinking water and swimming pools, the amount of chlorine added to drinking water and swimming pool systems, and the control of chlorine pesticides and process regulators. Three methods of residual chlorine analyzer to detect residual chlorine: Residual chlorine refers to the chlorine remaining in the water after the water has been in contact with chlorine-based disinfectants for a certain period of time. Residual chlorine is used as a disinfectant in all walks of life. At the same time, the detection of residual chlorine has become the only method in all walks of life. There are many products for detecting residual chlorine, among which the residual chlorine test paper is the easiest to operate. Only two steps are needed, the first step: put the test strip into the water for three seconds, the second step: take out the test strip, shake off the water drops and compare it with the color comparison card. Detect residual chlorine by current method: current method is a relatively new technology, which is generally used in online water quality analyzers. It does not require sampling of water quality; therefore, it will not lead to the appearance of waste water in the analysis. Also it is less maintenance and the most accurate of all three methods. However, the equipment for this method is relatively expensive, and this method is not suitable for the analysis of chloride ions in pure water. Use a colorimeter to detect residual chlorine: Use the colorimeter of the water quality analyzer for detection. This method allows quick succession of tests and data or alarm notifications can be stored by the system.
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