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Tips for purchasing PH electrode of water quality analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-05-15

PH electrode is a commonly used sensor for water quality analyzers, and PH electrode is also one of the parts that simply have problems in daily testing. We have told us before that we must pay special attention to it whether it is used, stored, and cleaned. But as a commonly used wearable part, the correct maintenance method can only extend the service time of the PH electrode. In order to ensure the accuracy of the water quality analyzer, the PH electrode must be replaced in the end. We must pay attention to the following factors when buying PH electrodes.

The raw material of the electrode

We all know that the raw materials of the PH electrode can be divided into two types. One is the PH electrode of glass raw material. The PH electrode of glass raw material has a wide temperature measurement scale and can detect corrosive materials and solvents. It is relatively simple to crack, and special attention should be paid when cleaning. The other is the PH electrode made of plastic materials. The big advantage of this PH electrode is that it is easy to clean and has strong durability. However, it is weaker than glass raw materials in terms of applicable scale.

The structure of the electrode

Common PH electrodes can be divided into two structures: liquid electrolyte, gel, and polymer. The PH electrode with liquid electrolyte structure is commonly used in water quality analyzers. The PH electrode with a liquid electrolyte structure can be used to make up or replace it. For example, when the electrolyte is found to be contaminated, it can be dealt with by replacing the electrolyte. Therefore, the PH electrode of the liquid electrolyte structure has a longer service life, but it is under measurement. The gel-structured PH electrode uses gel or polymer. The protection of the PH electrode of this material is relatively simple, and will not be interfered with by external ions, and will not be affected by changes in external pressure.

The primary detection target of the electrode

General specification PH electrode can use various test items, but it is not applied to all test samples. We all know that the water quality analyzer is mainly for analyzing and testing water bodies, but it can also detect data from a variety of solutions. And some solutions will form errors when using standard PH electrodes to detect. Common ones are some semi-solids, solids, or solids suspended in solution samples. When testing the pH value of these solutions, testers generally choose a special-style PH electrode, such as a conical-sensing PH electrode.

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