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Total nitrogen and total phosphorus removal method in sewage treatment

by:BOQU     2023-03-27
The relationship between total nitrogen and total phosphorus: In simple terms, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are the main indicators reflecting the eutrophication of water bodies. In the same kind of wastewater, both total nitrogen and total phosphorus need to be treated to a relatively low concentration. Total nitrogen: the total amount of various forms of inorganic and organic nitrogen in water, including inorganic nitrogen such as NO3-, NO2- and NH4+ and organic nitrogen such as protein, amino acid and organic amine. Total phosphorus: a general term for the forms of orthophosphate, condensed sulfate, pyrophosphate, metaphosphate and organic group-bound phosphate. How to effectively deal with total nitrogen and total phosphorus? 1. If you want to deal directly with the whole process, you can directly consider process construction, but the overall process time and cost will be relatively high. 2. The use of certain biological strains can also play a certain role in the degradation of total nitrogen and total phosphorus, but the daily maintenance requirements are relatively large, and generally require long-term arrangements for technicians to operate on site. 3. To remove total nitrogen by chemical method, test the concentration of total nitrogen first. If the concentration difference is not large, it is recommended to use ammonia nitrogen remover to treat it directly. In this way, the total nitrogen will be reduced after the ammonia nitrogen is treated. (PS: The ammonia nitrogen remover is only suitable for removing ammonia nitrogen in the total nitrogen, and the ratio of total nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen will vary according to the water quality, so the treatment effect used is different. Please judge according to the actual situation.) 4. Chemical method to remove total phosphorus. When the concentration of total phosphorus is within an appropriate range, use phosphorus removal agent to precipitate the phosphate in the water, and then filter to reduce the concentration of total phosphorus to meet the discharge standard. (PS: The phosphorus removal agent is aimed at the inorganic phosphorus in the total phosphorus, and is ineffective against the organic phosphorus, so the effect of use is different, and it needs to be judged according to the actual situation.)
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