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Total phosphorus analyzer is the best choice for detecting total phosphorus in water

by:BOQU     2022-02-24

COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen in sewage is one of the items that the national environmental protection department requires enterprises to test. In the water body, the content of organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen increases, which consumes dissolved oxygen and deteriorates the water quality. Excessive content of phosphorus substances causes excessive reproduction of baths, which reduces the transparency of water quality and deteriorates water quality. Therefore, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are important indicators to measure water quality. The total phosphorus analyzer is an artifact specially used for the determination of total phosphorus.

Using the digestion tube closed digestion, using potassium persulfate as the oxidant, under the condition of 125 ℃, all the phosphorus-containing compounds in the sample are converted into phosphate radicals, and then under acidic conditions, orthophosphate and ammonium molybdate, tartaric acid Potassium antimony reacts to generate phosphomolybdic heteropoly acid, which is reduced by the reducing agent ascorbic acid and becomes a blue complex. The colorimetric method is used for colorimetry, and the total phosphorus content is directly displayed after calculation by a microcomputer chip.

Can accurately measure total phosphorus in wastewater; multiple standard curves in memory can be modified and saved by themselves; no need to manually make curves, the instrument can automatically calculate and store curves according to standard samples; can store multiple sets of data detailed information (measurement time, parameters, values); can print current data and all stored historical data; transfer current data and all stored historical data to PC.

It has the ability to automatically adjust the digestion power with the number of loads to achieve real constant temperature control; the total phosphorus analyzer has automatic constant temperature reminder, automatic buzzer alarm, and the timing can be set arbitrarily.

The excessive phosphorus and nitrogen content in the water will provide nutrients for the abnormal growth of plankton and form tides. Decomposition and analysis of phosphorus and nitrogen by conventional methods are complex and complex and require experienced operators to use equipment. A simple, practical and rapid method for the determination of wastewater is provided. And the decomposition and analysis of total phosphorus and total nitrogen can be realized on a single device. There is no need for any troublesome operations such as compound mixing, etc., so a completely unskilled person or a layman can easily use the total phosphorus meter.

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