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Troubleshooting method of pumping shore water quality on-line monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-04-18
The extraction-type shore water quality online monitoring system can monitor multiple water quality indicators at the same time during operation, and can show very good performance characteristics. However, some faults may occur after the equipment has been in operation for a period of time, resulting in inaccurate measurement. Therefore, equipment operators need to regularly troubleshoot the system. Let me tell you about the troubleshooting methods. Troubleshooting method for the extraction type shore water quality online monitoring system 1. The collector cannot display normally, which may be caused by the power cord not being plugged in or the power cord of the display screen being not connected and displaying a fault. You can reconnect the power cord and plug it in power cord or replace the data logger. 2. Data transmission cannot be carried out, which is mainly caused by the arrears of the communication card, poor contact of the communication card, damage of the wireless transmission module, failure of the data output interface of the data acquisition instrument, etc. You can pay the fee, reinstall the communication card, and replace the wireless transmission module. Return to the factory for repair and other measures to solve the problem. 3. The sensor cannot be calibrated, mainly caused by sensor damage, which can be solved by returning to the factory for repair or replacing a new sensor. 4. The measurement data cannot be displayed or displayed as zero. It is caused by sensor failure or exceeding the service life, wrong connection of the sensor line, cable breakage, failure of the data acquisition interface of the collector, etc. The sensor can be returned to the factory for inspection and repair or replacement Sensor, connect the line correctly, replace the cable, replace the collector and other measures to solve the problem. 5. If the measurement data is too high, too low or unstable, it is usually caused by dirt attached to the sensor or microorganisms attached to the sensor and the sensor is damaged. It can be solved by cleaning the sensor and returning it to the factory for repair and replacement. 6. The measured value deviates from the laboratory measurement or cannot be calibrated, which is usually caused by long-term uncalibrated, which can be solved by calibrating the sensor. 7. The indicator light of the electric valve is not on, which is mainly caused by the damage of the electric valve, and the electric valve can be replaced. 8. The abnormal operation of the water pump may be caused by wrong wiring, damage to the water pump, etc. It can be solved by re-wiring and replacing the water pump. 9. Overflow in the water storage tank is usually caused by excessive water intake or blockage of the drainage pipe. The water flow regulating valve can be adjusted to control the size of the water flow and the drainage pipe should be cleaned. The above are the possible faults and solutions of the pumping shore water quality online monitoring system. When the equipment is abnormal, measures must be taken in time to ensure its long-term stable operation.
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