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Two common problems of online water quality detector in winter

by:BOQU     2021-06-03

We all know that there are many problems encountered when using online water quality detectors, and most of these problems are caused by careless protection and cleaning in daily life, especially some outdoor water quality measurement equipment, which is complicated for outdoor use. For water quality measurement equipment used in the environment, winter is the easiest season for problems, so we must do the corresponding calibration and protection operations in winter. Today we will introduce to us 2 common problems of online water quality detectors in winter.

1. Forget about cleaning and calibrating the sensor

For online water quality detectors, sensors will encounter various problems, and regular protection is also to eliminate these problems and ensure that accurate parameter can be obtained when measuring water quality. Therefore, many customers call to ask for sensor readings. When it is not correct, we will know whether the user cleans and calibrate the sensor regularly. Because there are still many users who do not know that they still need to clean and calibrate the sensors of water quality equipment regularly. Most customers directly replace the water quality sensor when it cannot be used. To obtain stable measurement data, we should compare the water quality test data every 15 days and calibrate and clean the water quality sensor once a month. If we don’t have the expertise in this area, Can find some corresponding service companies. But if the water quality sensor has failed to read, it needs to be cleaned immediately.

2. The sensor of the water quality detector is exposed on the water surface in winter

For outdoor online water quality detectors, some equipment damage problems are the easiest in winter, especially when the outdoor temperature reaches below zero, if the water quality detection sensor is not deep enough, or the water level drops sensor reveals the water surface in winter, this Situation The solution constitutes the liquid or gel in the sensor body and freezes. If the reference solution of some water quality sensors is frozen, the water quality instrument will not be able to respond during testing, and freezing may also cause other problems, such as when the volume of the solution is frozen. When it expands, it moves other sensor components. Moreover, when the reference solution of the water quality sensor freezes, bubbles will form inside the main body. Such a sensor can no longer be corrected, and we can only follow a new one.

If you find that the sensor responds slowly in winter and the temperature of the water is close to the freezing point, you can try to raise the temperature of the sensor. Generally, the unfrozen sensor will work normally when it recovers to the normal temperature scale. In addition, we should pay attention to the ambient temperature when storing the water quality sensor in winter.

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