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Understand drinking water quality standards and testing

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
Water quality has always been a concern of our country, so online monitoring of water quality has become our compulsory course! So in water quality monitoring, the standards and testing of water quality are of course the issues we need to understand. In this chapter, manufacturers of water quality online monitors come to understand drinking water quality standards and monitoring issues. 1. Explanation of the standard of drinking water quality: The revision of the 'Drinking Water Hygienic Standard' is an important measure to ensure drinking water. Under the coordination of my country's Standardization Management Committee, led by the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the State Environmental Protection Administration, the staff from various aspects of sanitation, water supply, environmental protection, water conservancy, and water resources participated in the completion of this standard. revision work. In the 'Drinking Water Sanitation Standard' issued in 1985, the index of drinking water turbidity is '3-5', and the new 'Standard' raises it to '1-3'. Based on the physical and chemical indicators, what we can intuitively feel is that the water color will become clearer. 2. On-line detection of drinking water quality: It is different to say who we cannot do without in our lives. The quality of drinking water directly affects our health problems. It is precisely because of this that people's requirements for water quality have been continuously improved. To do this, water quality monitoring is an essential item, and the monitoring and analysis of drinking water can determine whether the water quality is good or not! Water quality detection range: sewage, pure water, sea water, fishery water, swimming pool water, reclaimed water, bottled pure water, drinking natural mineral water, cooling water, farmland irrigation water, landscape water, domestic drinking water, groundwater, boiler water, surface Water, industrial water, test water, etc.
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