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Understand the basic use of BOD analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
The bod tester uses a simple, safe and reliable mercury-free differential pressure sensing method (breathing method) to measure BOD in water, simulating the biodegradation process of organic matter in nature, and is designed and manufactured using advanced R&D technology, industry-leading function configuration, and fully intelligent design , the measurement process is unattended, automatically records and prints the data, and never bids farewell to mercury poisoning caused by mercury leakage. It is a BOD professional analysis instrument specially tailored for water quality analysis laboratories. Uses of BOD measuring instrument: 1. Among traditional electronic measuring instruments, oscilloscopes have low measurement accuracy and large errors in frequency measurement. The spectrum analyzer can accurately measure the frequency and display the spectrum of the signal under test, but the measurement speed is slow, and it cannot track and capture the frequency change of the signal under test in real time. It is precisely because the frequency measuring instrument can quickly and accurately capture the change of the frequency of the signal under test that the frequency meter has a very wide range of applications. 2. In traditional manufacturing enterprises, frequency measuring instruments are widely used in production testing of production lines. The frequency measuring instrument can quickly capture the change of the output frequency of the crystal oscillator, and the user can quickly find faulty crystal oscillator products by using the frequency meter to ensure product quality. 3. In the metrology laboratory, the frequency measuring instrument is used to calibrate the local oscillator of various electronic measuring equipment. 4. In the wireless communication test, the frequency measuring instrument can be used not only to calibrate the master clock of the wireless communication base station, but also to analyze the frequency hopping signal and frequency modulation signal of the radio station.
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