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Understand the characteristics of the standard COD digester

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
The standard COD digester adopts the high-temperature COD reflux digestion method to control the heating plate regularly, and can heat 6/8/12 digestion bottle reflux devices at the same time. To achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency improvement. At the same time, the glass burr return pipe is used to replace the spherical return pipe, and the tap water cooling method is replaced by air cooling technology, which also saves water and makes the instrument standardized operation. It is designed in accordance with the new national standard method of HJ 828-2017, and one-key operation completes digestion and cooling. process. Equipped with a condenser tube bracket, the operation is safer. The chemical solution preparation, operation and COD calculation of the standard COD digester are fully complied with. COD water samples below 50mg/L can be diluted by diluting the concentration of titrant and oxidant. The 1000mg/L COD water sample can be measured by proportional dilution of the water sample. Technical features of the standard COD digester: 1. The digestion time can be set. After the digestion is completed, the instrument will automatically stop heating and can be left unattended. 2. After the sample is digested, the fan of the instrument continues to work for one hour to assist the cooling of the sample. 3. Save electricity and water, improve efficiency and enhance the safety of the instrument. 4. Fast digestion speed and high efficiency: multiple samples can be processed at one time, and the surrounding heating method is adopted, which reduces the temperature difference between different parts of the same sample, and also reduces the temperature difference between samples, speeding up the digestion speed, and at the same time Improve the repeatability and stability of the experiment. Low cost of use and energy saving. 5. Accurate temperature control: PID controller is adopted, with high control precision, easy operation, and temperature control precision: ±1°C. 6. Uniform digestion: good heat conduction material, small temperature difference between digestion holes, uniform heating overall temperature, and simultaneous digestion of multiple samples to ensure the uniformity of digestion. 7. Large heating area, uniform heating, fast heating speed, no cross-contamination 8. Surface treatment: Teflon fluoroplastic anti-corrosion and non-stick treatment, strong corrosion resistance, long service life Application fields: Determination of heavy metals lead and cadmium in food, dairy products, and pharmaceuticals , mercury, arsenic, zinc, chromium, selenium, manganese and other elements, as well as trace elements; determination of the digestion of heavy metals and trace elements in soil, etc.
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