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Understand the significance of online water quality monitoring

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
With the continuous development and progress of society, many accidents of water environment pollution have occurred, which have caused corresponding impacts on the order of production and life. Because of this, in order to minimize the occurrence of accidents, we must take timely and effective measures to reduce losses, so online monitoring of water quality has become our inevitable work. In this chapter, manufacturers of online water quality monitors will work with you to understand the significance of online water quality monitoring. With the development of modern industry, the use of chemical substances is increasing, which seriously pollutes the aquatic ecosystem in which human beings live, and sudden environmental pollution accidents often occur, such as artificial poisoning, natural disasters, and sudden accidents. Sudden changes in water quality, especially the pollution of environmental water bodies caused by accidents in the production, storage and transportation of petrochemical raw materials and toxic and hazardous products, have caused everyone to attach great importance to the ecology and biology of water quality. Cases related to injuries caused by water pollution: Benzene pollution in Songhua River in November 2005: In November 2005, an explosion accident occurred in the double benzene plant of PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company, which caused serious water pollution in Songhua River. After the explosion, about 100 tons of benzene substances (benzene, nitrobenzene, etc.) flowed into the Songhua River, causing serious pollution of the river and affecting the lives of millions of residents along the coast. Zijin Mining Copper Acid Water Leakage in July 2010: In July 2010, due to continuous rainfall in Fujian Zijin Mining Plant, the clay layer at the bottom of the solution pool area was hollowed out, and the anti-seepage membrane of the sewage pool was cracked and leaked, resulting in the occurrence of copper acid Water leakage accident. The accident caused severe pollution of some waters of the Tingjiang River, leading to the pollution of some sections of the Tingjiang River and the death of a large number of cage fish. June 2011 Qujing chromium slag pollution in Yunnan Province: Luliang Chemical Company in Qujing City, Yunnan Province illegally dumped a total of 5,000 tons of highly toxic chemical waste chromium slag, causing water quality near Nanpan River, the source of the Pearl River, to be polluted by chromium slag; Qujing Qilin District Sanbao Township, Ciying Township, Yuezhou Township, and a 100-meter-long pool in Heimiangou, Zhangjiaying Village, Sanbao Township were polluted by chromium slag. The above are only some cases and not all. It can be seen that water pollution not only seriously affects people's production and life, but may even pose a serious threat to people's health. In order to promote the construction of an online water quality monitoring and early warning system, improve environmental emergency response and monitoring and early warning capabilities, and introduce new monitoring technologies, it is necessary to carry out online water quality monitoring. Reminder: It is a comprehensive scientific and technological company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of various water quality analysis instruments. At present, various water quality analyzers developed and produced by itself are widely used in water source monitoring, environmental pollution source monitoring, water treatment process monitoring, Municipal pipe network water quality monitoring, water quality monitoring, rural drinking water monitoring, circulating cooling water monitoring, industrial circulating water reuse monitoring, pure water process monitoring, industrial aquaculture monitoring, swimming pool water operation management monitoring and on-site emergency water quality monitoring, etc. Fields that require water quality analysis. The main products are: heavy metal online monitor in water, COD online analyzer, water quality biological toxicity online analyzer, Escherichia coli online analyzer, total residual chlorine online analyzer, etc.
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