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Use skills of online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-03
The online residual chlorine detector consists of an electronic unit and a measuring unit (including a flow cell and a residual chlorine sensor). It adopts imported residual chlorine sensor, which has the characteristics of no calibration, no maintenance, high precision, small size and low power consumption. The display instrument has the function of slope correction, zero point correction, real-time display of measured value, automatic temperature compensation, and manual compensation of pH value. After the compensation calculation of the electrode signal, it is converted into a more accurate residual chlorine signal. The analog output signal corresponding to the measured value can be connected with various regulators to form a control system, such as two-position regulators, time proportional regulators, nonlinear regulators, PID regulators, etc. Tips for using the online residual chlorine detector: 1. The secondary meter generally does not need daily maintenance. When there is an obvious fault, please do not open it to repair it yourself, and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. 2. After turning on the power, the instrument should have a display. If there is no display or the display is abnormal, turn off the power immediately and check whether the power is normal. 3. The cable connector must be kept clean and must not be exposed to moisture or water, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate. 4. The electrodes should be cleaned frequently to ensure that they are not polluted. 5. The electrodes should be calibrated every once in a while. 6. During water cut-off, make sure that the electrode is soaked in the liquid to be tested, otherwise its life will be shortened. 7. The use of the residual chlorine analyzer depends largely on the maintenance of the electrodes.
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