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Water quality analysis instruments help protect the source of life

by:BOQU     2021-07-02

Mankind is inseparable from water in daily life and production activities. With the development of the social economy, scientific advancement and the improvement of people’s daily life, water quality standards have been continuously developed and improved accordingly, and water quality analysis and testing are also increasing. important. However, with the geometric growth of our country's population, the random discharge of modern industrial wastewater, urban garbage, and rural pesticide spraying, etc., severe river pollution has resulted. The already scarce freshwater resources have aggravated the shortage and cannot be used by humans.

In recent years, my country's environmental conditions have deteriorated severely. The emergence of water pollution problems such as the Tianjin seepage pit incident and the Jialing River water pollution incident has exposed the shortcomings of my country's water environmental protection. Following the promulgation of the 'Ten Water Regulations

Under the environmental protection situation in my country at that time, water pollution was a major issue that governments at all levels must deal with. To achieve a thorough treatment of water pollution problems, the first thing is to prevent the current water pollution situation from getting worse. Therefore, my country urgently needs to establish a complete online water quality analysis system.

Multi-parameter water quality monitor dcsg-2099 instruments can be divided into two types: monitoring type and process type according to the different use intentions. The monitoring type is mainly used for pure water quality monitoring to determine whether the water quality meets the requirements of laws and regulations, as well as an early warning of environmental water quality and drinking water quality, and does not participate in the control of the water treatment process. The water quality parameters it monitors are COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and heavy metals.

According to statistics, there are now more than 2,000 pollutants in water (2221), mainly organic chemicals, carbides, metals, volatile phenols, cyanides, anions, and sulfides, among which there are 765 kinds of ( 190 are harmful to the human body, 20 are carcinogenic, 23 are suspected cancers, 18 are cancer-promoting, and 56 are sudden changes: tumors).

In my country, less than 11% of people drink water that meets my country's sanitary standards, while up to 65% drink water that is turbid, picrine, fluoride, arsenic, industrial pollution, and infectious diseases. 200 million people drink tap water, 70 million people drink high fluoride water, 30 million people drink high nitrate saltwater, 50 million people drink high fluoride water, and 110 million people drink high hardness water.

In my country, the typical use of process-type online water quality analyzers is: petrochemical industry, online TOC analyzer has become the standard equipment for condensate reuse; in the tap water industry, water plants using chlorine and chloramine processes Use online disinfectant analyzers, such as residual chlorine and chloramine analyzers, to save water treatment chemicals and reduce operating costs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of online TOC analyzers has also become an important means of monitoring and controlling organic impurities in pharmaceutical water; in municipal sewage treatment occupations and aquaculture occupations, online monitoring of dissolved oxygen reduces energy consumption and operating costs, and at the same time Ensure that the water quality meets the standard.

Mankind uses science and technology to transform nature into an environment suitable for survival but does not consider the consequences of over-exploitation and over-utilization. The pollution of the water quality environment originates from human beings. Human beings should actively deal with the problems they have created. To manage the water quality environment, we must have the assistance of high-quality water quality analysis equipment.

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