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Water quality analyzer is an instrument for water environment treatment

by:BOQU     2021-07-03

Water online quality meter is an indispensable instrument for water environment management. With the continuous acceleration of my country's industrialization process, water environment issues have also become an important issue for ecological environment management. The water quality detector is an indispensable instrument in water environment management.

According to the survey, the overall water quality in my country is not optimistic. In 2015, the total amount of water resources was 2796.26 billion cubic meters, and the annual average precipitation was 660.8 mm. Water resources not only affect the development of the national economy but are also closely related to our daily lives. Industry, agriculture, construction, and residents' lives are all inseparable from the support of water resources.

Nowadays, water pollution incidents occur frequently. Pollutants, mainly heavy metals, and organics, have seriously affected our water safety. It is urgent to build a comprehensive intelligent water quality active monitoring system across the country.

my country's current water environment monitoring is mainly based on major water quality monitoring tests. After test analysis, comprehensive testing of water quality parameters can obtain higher accuracy data, but due to the manpower consumption of this testing method The detection frequency cannot be effectively guaranteed, and the detection response time is long and the degree of initiative is low, so it is difficult to promote, and it is impossible to complete real-time monitoring and prediction of water quality. At the same time, the backward water quality monitoring network has also become a serious obstacle restricting the improvement of my country's water environment.

Following the continuous development of scientific skills and the rapid rise of the Internet of Things, it has driven the innovation of traditional occupations. Various high-tech products that help water quality testing have come out one after another, opening up the era of water quality monitoring career innovation. After years of tackling key problems, Ru0026D personnel has successfully developed an intelligent water quality active monitoring system based on Internet of Things skills. The active cruise robot monitors the water environment and transmits the data to the data processing center in real-time.

The intelligent water quality active monitoring system performs remote data transmission and control via GPRS, which ensures data quality and traceability, and provides technical support for the completion of water quality monitoring.

Water quality monitoring has the characteristics of a large coverage area, multiple monitoring targets, and rapid equipment depreciation. The functions of water quality detectors will be developed from single data collection to diversification. The intelligent water quality active monitoring system with multiple functions such as water sample collection, data collection, data analysis, plan resolution plan, rapid response, and information support can effectively improve the current situation of insufficient water quality monitoring in my country.

The active cruise robot is equipped with an Internet of Things card to dynamically explore a variety of pollutants, actively detect and identify the source of water surface pollution, and issue alarms. Through the open platform of the Internet of Things, the robot can actively define the pollution scope, dynamically track the pollution zone, and produce the pollution group map in real-time after discovering the pollution. Combined with the water environment parameters, it can also provide an early warning of sudden pollution.

The water quality detector has been widely used in the water quality monitoring of water plants in our country and has made great contributions to aquatic breeding work. It is an indispensable instrument for safe and healthy water use.

With the acceleration of my country's industrialization, our water quality resources continue to deteriorate. In particular, the water treatment process for tap water in towns and villages is relatively complicated, and traditional manual inspection methods can no longer meet the needs of modern production. Therefore, the water quality detector came into being and made great contributions to the water quality monitoring work of the water plant.

The water quality detector improves the output power, guarantees the quality of tap water, provides healthy and high-quality water for the general public, and ensures the safety of drinking water for people. Here are some criteria for measuring the quality of water to help people judge the quality of water.

Does not contain any harmful and odorous substances (especially heavy metals and organics), the PH value is weakly alkaline (7.0-8.0), and the hardness of the water is moderate, generally between 50-200mg/L (Calculated as calcium carbonate);

The content and proportion of trace elements and minerals in the water are moderate, close to normal liquids. The content of dissolved oxygen in the water and the content of carbon dioxide are moderate (dissolved oxygen in water≥6-7mg/L). Water has strong nutritional and physiological functions (including solubility, penetration, dispersion, metabolism, emulsification, detergency, etc.).

The water online quality meter plays an important role in water environment management and people's drinking water safety monitoring!

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