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Water quality COD analyzer usage skills (water quality COD analyzer manual)

by:BOQU     2022-07-30

The water quality COD analyzer is an independent research and development product, which is designed and manufactured in accordance with the new national regulations 'Rapid Digestion Spectrophotometry (HJ/T399-2007)', which can detect the COD content of water quality in various fields. The water quality COD analyzer adopts the design of a precision colorimetric cell and uses the same light source, which can solve the problem of test result error caused by light source error, and the test result is more accurate. At the same time, the light source of this water quality COD analyzer adopts imported ultra-bright light-emitting diodes, and the brightness of the light source can be automatically adjusted and calibrated. Although this is an easy-to-operate instrument, in fact, its use is skillful in all aspects.

1. Before water sample measurement

(1) If there are too many impurities and suspended solids in the water sample, the water sample needs to be filtered in advance, and the microporous membrane can be used for filtration.

(2) If the color of the water sample is darker, the water sample can be diluted to a lighter color for testing.

2. Reagent addition of water quality COD analyzer

(1) The amount of reagent added must be added in accordance with the amount specified in the installation instructions.

(2) The order of addition cannot be reversed.

3. Water quality COD analyzer sample digestion

(1) The water sample can be mixed upside down before digestion. There will be a white precipitate after digestion. At this time, the digestion tube should not be shaken, so as to avoid the floating of sediments affecting the measurement results.

(2) The digestion temperature of the COD analyzer is 165°C for 15 minutes. After digestion, the temperature of the cuvette is very high. Be careful not to burn yourself at this time.

4. Water quality COD analyzer sample detection

At this point, after a series of steps such as digestion, check the wall of the digestion tube for dirt and, if necessary, wipe it clean before testing.

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