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Water quality monitoring and analysis system integration features and software functions

by:BOQU     2021-06-15

Stable operation: All planning follows the principle of system stability as the first requirement, and saves manual protection workload to a greater limit

Operational safety: strict protection measures for circuits and waterways can effectively prevent circuit fires and prevent pipeline bursts

Precise planning: The system equipment is carefully planned, space is used effectively, and the planning is beautiful and useful.

Simple operation: manual, active process operation is simple, there are only five system control buttons, you can arbitrarily complete the single-step work of the system

Functions of integrated software for water quality monitoring and analysis system:

1. The monitoring data processing channel is an inclusive channel. According to TOW thinking, this channel uses a mission-driven workflow model to complete the collaborative processing and active calculation of environmental monitoring data, and actively generate monitoring reports and statements to achieve Related information query, calculation, and sharing to improve work efficiency;

2. Adopt B/S structure, focus on environmental monitoring missions, and use the business process as a technique. The functions mainly include monitoring mission management, monitoring data process management, personnel authority management, monitoring factor management, laboratory management, Quality control processing, monitoring data processing, etc.;

3. Monitoring mission management, which can issue various monitoring missions such as routine, emergency, and acceptance entrustment. Mission management is clear and clear, and you can know the personnel participating in the monitoring mission, the completed status, and the monitoring results in a timely manner;

4. The laboratory can provide the calculation method corresponding to the monitoring factors required in the station, the regression equation curve diagram, the national monitoring standard value, can actively calculate the test results, actively generate the corresponding original record sheet, and support the laboratory small Three-level review system;

5. Establish the function of emergency SMS notification, SMS reminder, and audio frame reminder, and use it in all aspects of the entire business process of the monitoring station; in order to ensure the timeliness, safety, and reliability of the SMS and audio transmission of this function, authorized manufacturers have It is necessary to provide a short message service access code use certificate

6. Establish functions such as calculation, analysis, conclusion, query data, calculation of histogram, analysis, and guessing, and shi map; inductive calculation planning central station data actively calculate and calculate and visually and clearly show the changes of data year, degree, month in a graphical way The trend;

7. Provide web server data interface and complete software cross-channel docking.

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