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Water quality monitoring equipment can be widely used in swimming pools

by:BOQU     2021-07-19

With the improvement of living standards, we pay more attention to our own health status than ever before. We actively participate in mass physical exercise outside of work and life. Swimming has naturally become our favorite sport in summer. Therefore, the data provided by the swimming pool water quality monitoring instrument is also of great concern to people.

In the summer, there are a lot of swimmers in swimming pools in various cities, and they are often full. At this time, the best time for swimming pool business is when the water quality of the swimming pool is prone to problems. Many media outlets can see that swimming There are various problems in the water quality of the venues, mainly reflected in the lack or excessive addition of disinfectants, the pH of the water is too high or too low, the turbidity of the water is overrun, and the urea is overrun.

As for the objective factors such as the limited personnel of the sanitation supervision and the excessive number of supervision sites, this also makes it impossible to conduct regular sanitation supervision and inspection of the water quality of all swimming pools (only for a certain period of the swimming season each year). It's just a sampling of each swimming pool).

Therefore, it is necessary to use technological methods, combined with Internet skills, to use swimming pool water quality monitoring equipment to complete automatic online real-time monitoring of the water quality of various swimming venues, urge the venues to strengthen handling, ensure the water quality of the swimming pool, and better ensure the people's health Good health, useful to prevent the occurrence of public health security incidents of various mass infections.

There is no real-time online monitoring and dosing system in the swimming pool, and it is difficult to reach the water quality sanitation standard by manual dosing! In this way, it is inevitable that it will be exposed due to unqualified water quality inspections, which will affect the reputation of the venue. Moreover, poor water quality will also lead to fewer swimmers, which will affect our operating income.

Therefore, in addition to strengthening the water quality management of swimming venues, a good set of water quality monitoring equipment is also needed!

Currently, the relevant swimming pool sanitation monitoring section strongly recommends various swimming pools install water quality monitoring equipment. The requirement to install swimming pool online monitors can greatly reduce the work of sampling swimming pools and sanitation supervision parts, and ensure that the water quality is qualified, and a win-win situation. Real-time monitoring followed by five indicators, PH, residual chlorine, ORP, temperature, turbidity. Real-time detection throughout the process.

The installation of swimming pool water quality monitoring equipment can greatly reduce the work of sampling inspections for swimming pools and sanitary supervision parts, ensure that the water quality is qualified, and then achieve a win-win effect.

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