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Water quality monitors needed for medical sewage

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
The medical sewage detector is mainly used to detect the concentration of various water quality parameters in infectious diseases, tuberculosis medical institutions, comprehensive medical institutions and other medical institutions. The main detection parameter items are PH, chemical oxygen demand COD, biochemical demand Oxygen BOD, suspended solids SS, ammonia nitrogen, animal and vegetable oils, petroleum, anionic surfactants, chroma, volatile phenols, total cyanide, total mercury, total cadmium, total chromium, hexavalent chromium, total arsenic, total lead, Total silver, total residual chlorine, etc. According to the national standard 'GB 18466-2005 Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Medical Institutions', the relevant requirements for sampling and monitoring of excessive medical sewage are as follows: 1. Sewage from medical institutions refers to outpatient clinics, wards, operating rooms, various inspection rooms, pathology, etc. Diagnosis and treatment, domestic and fecal sewage discharged from dissection rooms, radiation rooms, laundry rooms, mortuaries, etc., when other sewage from medical institutions is mixed with the above-mentioned sewage, they will be regarded as sewage from medical institutions. 2. When chlorine-containing disinfectants are used for disinfection, the total residual chlorine at the outlet of the contact pool shall be monitored no less than twice a day (if intermittent disinfection treatment is used, it shall be monitored before each discharge). 3. PH is monitored no less than twice a day; COD and SS are monitored once a week; other pollutants are monitored no less than once a quarter. 4. If the sewage of medical institutions disinfected with chlorine-containing disinfectants is directly discharged into surface water bodies and sea areas, dechlorination treatment should be carried out so that the total residual chlorine is less than 0.5mg/L.
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