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Water quality standard for reclaimed water in water jet loom industry, reclaimed water quality monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
Based on the relevant requirements of the Water Quality Standard for Reclaimed Water in the Water Jet Loom Industry, the water quality on-line monitoring system that needs to be installed to strengthen the utilization of reclaimed water and the monitoring and monitoring of reclaimed water quality is mainly aimed at reclaimed water quality. COD, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, total residual chlorine, PH, temperature, conductivity are implemented online and early warning. At the same time, for the open reuse mode, it is necessary to install a sewage monitoring system for the discharged water. The water quality standards for reclaimed water in the water jet loom industry refer to the following indicators: No. Allowable standards for optimal standards of basic control items 1. PH value 6.5 8.0 2. COD ≤50 ≤80 3. Ammonia nitrogen <5 4. Turbidity ≤3 ≤5 5. The total residual chlorine ≥ 1.0 after 30 minutes of contact, the tip ≥ 0.2 6. Conductivity ≤ 600us/cm
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