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What about the scale of Boqu Instrument?
Starting as a small mill, it takes Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. many years to develop into a big enterprise involved in the manufacturing of chlorine analyzer . Now, our factory is equipped with many advanced machines, which contributes to the upgrade of productivity and reduction of labour costs. There is a continuous talent flow in our factory to facilitate the advance and development of the enterprise. As a company at large scale, we have obtained relevant management system certificates to ensure the normal operation of the company.

Boqu Instrument, as a widely known enterprise, has earned a reputation in the field of water quality sensor. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and portable water quality meter is one of them. BOQU online cod analyser is professionally manufactured. It is carried out by expert developers with mechanical design automation and the ability to solve practical engineering problems. Unique design makes it have a lower failure rate. A durable residual chlorine meter provides great chlorine controller and chlorine controller for customers. Its accuracy and high precision contribute to its low detection limit.

We are constantly investing in the latest and most advanced equipment for creating products, allowing customers to take full advantage of the our treasures. Contact us!
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