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What are the advantages of fully automatic extractors?

by:BOQU     2023-03-20
The fully automatic extractor adopts a fully enclosed extraction system, the solvent is automatically fixed in volume, automatically fed into the extraction bottle, and automatically cleaned to prevent harmful gases from harming the human body. It has a built-in cyclotron oscillator. It solves the problems of cumbersome, low-efficiency, and labor-intensive methods such as vibration extraction or manual extraction with a separating funnel, and avoids contact between toxic and harmful solvents and operators. It is suitable for various liquid-liquid extraction needs of oil in water, volatile phenol, anionic detergent, etc. in water quality monitoring. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, saving time and effort, energy saving and environmental protection. The working principle of the automatic extractor: Pour a certain volume of water sample and extractant into the sample storage bottle from the mouth of the jet bottle, open the extractor, and the vacuum pump is sucking all the extractant and water sample through the fine holes at the end of the jet bottle. in a jet bottle. Due to the difference in specific gravity between the water sample and the extractant, there will be stratification in the sedimentation. The fine-pore tube sucks the water sample and the extractant from the storage bottle to the bottom of the jet bottle, and the two liquids are mixed during the upward suction process, thus obtaining Partially extracted. Then, the vacuum pump blows back, and the two liquids violently collide with the glass wall of the outlet valve at the bottom through the fine hole jet, so that they can fully contact each other and increase the mutual contact area, thus achieving the purpose of full extraction. Application range of automatic extractor: This instrument is mainly used in the treatment of surface water, groundwater, and industrial wastewater before the determination of oil content. It is suitable for environmental monitoring systems of various departments, petrochemical, tap water, environmental research and major Medium-sized enterprise monitoring room, laboratory, sewage treatment plant, etc. Advantages and features of automatic extractor: 1. Simple structure, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. 2. One to three water samples can be extracted at the same time. 3. Three-dimensional stirring extraction technology: not only has high extraction efficiency, but also ensures the accuracy of measurement. 4. High degree of automation: the extraction solvent is automatically fixed to volume, automatically loaded into the extraction bottle, and automatically cleaned. 5. It is completely suitable for automatic liquid-liquid extraction of oil, volatile phenol, anion, etc. in water. 6. The sampling bottle is the extraction bottle: After the water sample is collected, the sampling bottle is directly extracted on the machine, no need to divide the sample and change the bottle, and there is no cross-contamination. 7. Fully enclosed extraction system: no need to vent gas, no need to place in a fume hood, the extraction instrument automatically extracts toxic gases. 8. Built-in miniature rotary oscillator: It can oscillate and absorb animal and vegetable oils, and oscillate to extract oil in solids and oil in gases such as cooking fume. 9. Healthy, automatic liquid feeding: the pipeline is fully sealed, carbon tetrachloride is not volatile, and carbon tetrachloride is automatically added for extraction and cleaning, preventing analysts from contacting with toxic solvents.
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