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What are the advantages of online COD monitors

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
The on-line COD monitor is based on the catalytic fast method, uses a monochromatic cold light source to measure the color change of the colored solution, and uses single-chip microcomputer technology for data processing. It is a laboratory precision analytical instrument. The instrument consists of a COD host and a digester, and has functions such as automatic temperature control, timing, zero adjustment, linear regression, curve storage, and data printing. Due to the strong oxidant used in the determination process, it is highly corrosive, and a little carelessness will cause serious corrosion to the instrument and oxidant delivery system. Therefore, we have developed an automatic air pressure sampling method with independent intellectual property rights to avoid possible corrosion. . The instrument can be widely used in environmental protection, scientific research monitoring, production monitoring and other fields, and is an ideal instrument for environmental monitoring and control. The on-line COD monitor adopts a rapid closed catalytic digestion method (including photometric method), uses potassium dichromate as an oxidant, and uses a 610-nm monochromatic light source to measure the concentration of hexavalent chromium reduced to trivalent chromium to complete the COD determination. Imported quartz colorimetric tubes are used instead of cuvettes or cuvettes, and the reaction is heated in the same container before colorimetric operation. Reduce the amount of reagents and reduce the failure rate of the instrument. The online COD monitor uses an embedded microprocessor as the control unit, with high temperature control accuracy. The reading is convenient and intuitive, and the instrument is controlled by four buttons on the outside, which is easy to operate. The instrument can store 10 heating programs, of which two commonly used heating programs are solidified, and other programs can be adjusted by users according to their needs. It can heat 25 digestion tubes at a time. It can not only cooperate with the water quality COD detector, but also can be used alone for other chemical analysis that requires a heating process. Such as: decomposed sludge, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total chromium and other analytical substances. What are the advantages of online COD monitors? 1. Fast and accurate determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in surface water, reclaimed water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater; 2. Simultaneous determination of high and low concentration COD water samples; 3. Independent dual optical path non-interference system with high precision , long life, more stable; 4. High-definition color LCD display, user-friendly operation prompts, easier to use; 5. With intelligent data analysis curve chart function, data analysis is clear at a glance; 6. Free switching between large and small font display modes , the display data is clearer and the parameters are more detailed; 7. Transfer current data and historical data to the computer, support USB and infrared wireless transmission; 8. Support two colorimetric methods of cuvette and cuvette; 9. Concentration direct reading , Chinese display interface, full Chinese keyboard; 10. Digestion temperature adjustment range from room temperature to 190°C, wider compatibility; 11. Ultra-wide timing time adjustment range from 1 minute to 96 hours, more versatile; 12. Intelligent timing heating, Delay protection, saving energy consumption;
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