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What are the benefits of increasing investment in water quality monitoring?

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
With the continuous progress of society, there are more and more major industrial and agricultural factories. With the increase of OCD, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metals, suspended solids, etc. in the discharged sewage, water pollution poses a great threat to human life and the ecological environment. So what are the benefits of increasing investment in water quality monitoring? In the process of environmental protection, water quality monitoring is used as a yardstick for environmental pollution control and to measure the quality of the ecological environment. Especially in some places where water pollution is particularly serious, it is even more indispensable. Therefore, enterprises and relevant regulatory departments will increase investment in water quality monitoring to ensure water quality problems! In addition to ensuring water quality, increasing investment in water quality monitoring is definitely beneficial to the water quality monitor market. In 2007, the year of landing, how to make the river clearer and the water clearer became a hot topic among members of the CPPCC. In the field of water resources protection, if we want to achieve refined, informatized, and scientific management, we need the strong support of the water quality monitoring industry. To this end, according to media reports, the Central Committee of the Democratic League suggested: establish a remote sensing monitoring and management mechanism. Increase monitoring frequency. Relying on a large amount of satellite remote sensing data, 36 key cities are monitored once a quarter, and other cities above the prefecture level are monitored once a year. Improve monitoring accuracy. Invest in technical research and fully consider the morphological characteristics, seasonal characteristics, spatial characteristics, temperature characteristics, black and odor sources and surrounding environment of urban black and odorous water bodies. Improve monitoring connotation. According to the monitoring results, it can assist in judging the cause of black and odorous water bodies. In fact, there are a lot of big investments like this, and their purpose is to achieve water quality! With the continuous progress of society, the monitoring items in water bodies will not be so single. In addition to COD and ammonia nitrogen, there will be E. coli, biological toxicity, total residual chlorine, heavy metals and some special pollutants in drinking water and industrial wastewater. parameters are monitored. Let the water resources around us be well protected!
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