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What are the characteristics and measurement principle of the acid-base concentration meter?

by:BOQU     2023-04-06
The acid-base concentration meter is a water quality online monitor with a microprocessor. The instrument is widely used in thermal power, chemical industry, steel pickling and other industries, such as the regeneration of ion exchange resins in power plants, chemical industry processes, etc., to continuously detect and control the concentration of chemical acids or alkalis in aqueous solutions. So what are the characteristics and measurement principle of the acid-base concentration meter? The BOQU instrument editor will answer your questions. Features of the acid-base concentration meter: The contact detection method fundamentally avoids the corrosion, pollution and polarization effects of the strong corrosive medium on the electrode. The frequency conversion excitation power supply and resonant circuit and its special signal sampling method are used to replace the single frequency excitation method, so that the output voltage of the detection transformer is increased several hundred times. The flow-through sensor adopts a low-temperature magnetic structure and ferromagnetic shielding, and has no zero-point drift phenomenon, which greatly improves the accuracy, sensitivity and stability of the instrument. It adopts imported all-plastic sealed shell, which can be used for a long time in extremely harsh environments such as humidity, dust and corrosion. Using a microcontroller (MCU) and a dedicated interface integrated circuit, the output voltage of the detection transformer and the output current of the temperature sensor are fully digitally sampled, calculated, and displayed, which can realize high-precision temperature compensation and local display and remote transmission of concentration values. out. (4-20) mA standard signal output, which can be easily connected to various display and adjustment unit instruments and computer systems, and users can also choose (0-10) mA or (0-20) mA output mode. Measuring principle of acid-base concentration meter: Measuring principle: the meter uses a conductivity electrode sensor for measurement (the concentration electrode material is platinum), in order to avoid electrode polarization, the meter generates a high-stability sine wave signal on the electrode, and the flow through the electrode The current is proportional to the concentration of the solution to be measured. The preamplifier measures the current flowing through the electrode and converts it into a voltage signal. After program-controlled amplification, phase-sensitive detection and filtering, the voltage signal reflecting the concentration value is obtained; the microprocessor switches through the switch , the temperature signal and the concentration signal are alternately sampled, and after calculation and temperature compensation calculation, it is converted and displayed as the measured concentration value and real-time temperature value at 25°C. The principle of automatic temperature compensation: the concentration of the measured solution is non-linearly proportional to its conductivity, and the conductivity of the solution changes due to the temperature, and temperature compensation is required. The temperature characteristics of various solutions are different, and it is carried out by a microprocessor. The relevant processing becomes fast and accurate, realizing the function of automatic temperature compensation. Shanghai BOQU Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of water analysis sensors and water analysis instruments. In 2015, it was awarded as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. BOQU Instruments has been engaged in the water quality monitoring instrument industry for many years, and always adheres to the 'customer-centered' approach. Every BOQU person keeps in mind the corporate mission of 'being the bright eyes of the earth's water quality monitoring', continuously optimizes products and services, and takes water quality monitoring as a lifelong career. , Serve every customer with heart!
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