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What are the characteristics of COD detectors in sewage plants

by:BOQU     2023-03-23
The use of the COD detector in the sewage plant reduces the work intensity and improves the work efficiency. The structure is simple, the measurement range is wide, the measurement speed is fast, the operation cost is extremely low, and there is no secondary pollution. It can directly measure tap water, river and lake water, industrial sewage, and high-concentration wastewater before water treatment. It can be widely used in water environment automatic monitoring stations, sewage treatment plants, water plants, sewage monitoring points, regional water boundary points, water quality analysis rooms, and environmental supervision agencies at all levels to monitor the water environment. The COD detector in the sewage plant uses sealed catalytic digestion, and then performs colorimetric measurement, that is, adding a certain amount of oxidant contained in the strong acid solution, and under the action of the catalyst, the water sample is digested at a constant temperature of 165°C for 10 minutes. The hexavalent chromium in the water is reduced to trivalent chromium by the organic matter in the water sample, and the content of trivalent chromium is measured at a wavelength of 610mm, and then converted into the concentration of COD. Sewage Plant COD Detector Operation Instructions: Before operating the instrument, you should carefully read the instrument’s instruction manual and receive serious training from the manufacturer. The operation content mainly includes the setting of instrument parameters, calibration of the instrument, maintenance of the instrument and troubleshooting, etc. The setting of the instrument parameters should be set before use. The setting parameters mainly include analysis cycle (or analysis frequency), measurement range, alarm limit, system time and other parameters. Instrument Calibration Electrode method COD online analyzers generally have standard solutions, and the instrument can automatically calibrate standard samples on a regular basis. However, due to the use of non-standard methods, the instrument needs to be compared with the actual water sample with the standard method before use, and then the working curve is calibrated In use, the actual water sample comparison and calibration should also be carried out regularly. The method is that the instrument and the manual method of the laboratory take samples synchronously, and perform multi-point comparison to ensure the accuracy of the actual water sample analysis. Sewage plant COD detector features: 1. Using electrochemical oxidation (hydroxyl electrode method) to measure COD value in water 2. The instrument uses sodium sulfate and glucose solution, without potassium dichromate and concentrated 3. Dangerous and harmful chemicals such as sulfuric acid , no secondary pollution 4. The measurement is not affected by the color and turbidity of the water body 5. The new sampling system takes samples without frequent maintenance and cleaning 6. It adopts touch screen control, Chinese operation interface, easy to operate 7. COD can be displayed at the same time through signal input , temperature, pH, flow 8. Each measurement time is short, very suitable for online rapid measurement 9. The instrument automatically calibrates and measures the process, the test data is automatically saved, and remote control
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