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What are the characteristics of micro water quality monitoring equipment

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
Miniature water quality monitoring equipment can monitor five conventional water quality parameters and the concentration of COD, ammonia nitrogen and other items at the same time. When used, it can be used for single monitoring or multiple devices for simultaneous operation according to requirements. It is mainly used in the fields of emergency monitoring and tracking of water pollution and daily inspection of water quality. Compared with large-scale water quality monitoring equipment, it has different characteristics. Let me introduce it to you below. Introduction to the characteristics of micro water quality monitoring equipment 1. Low input cost: the total investment in the early stage equipment is less than tens of thousands, which is more cost-effective than large water quality monitoring equipment. 2. Modular design: The miniature water quality monitoring equipment adopts a modular design. According to the requirements of use, conventional water quality monitoring modules such as water temperature can be added, which can be used to measure PH value, conductivity/TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, COD, ammonia nitrogen and other water quality parameters. . 3. Remote monitoring function: GPRS and other data transmission modules are installed on the equipment buoy, which can upload monitoring data to the monitoring center in real time. 4. Solar panel power supply: The power supply can use built-in battery and backup power to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and the use of multi-faceted solar panels is not affected by the angle of the sun. 5. Simple maintenance: the follow-up maintenance of micro water quality monitoring equipment is less difficult, low cost, and highly scalable. The miniature water quality monitoring equipment is powered by solar panels, which can achieve the purpose of long-term water quality monitoring. Using modern technologies such as information control and processing, artificial intelligence, automation, Internet of Things and multimedia, the monitoring data is uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G , with centralized monitoring, remote control, data real-time query, historical data curve viewing, data abnormality alarm, centralized large-screen display and other functions, and we can use these features to monitor water quality more simply when using micro water quality monitoring equipment .
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