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What are the characteristics of residual chlorine analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-31
What are the characteristics of the residual chlorine analyzer 1. Stable and reliable According to the requirements of industry and environmental online, the electrical part and the hydraulic pipeline part are completely completed. This simple and stable LFA system structure ensures the high stability of the analyzer in terms of electrical and hydraulic power. The reliability ensures that the analyzer can run stably for a long time. 2. Easy to install The analyzer has successfully experienced and passed a series of tests before leaving the factory. During installation, it is only necessary to connect the reagent pipe, sample pipe, pure water pipe, waste liquid pipe and power line, set the parameters and start. 3. The automatic calibration analyzer performs calibration according to the calibration time and calibration type set by the user. The result will be compared with the calibration result stored in the original analyzer. If it is less than the error limit set by the user, the original calibration will be accepted and replaced. If the parameter is greater than the limit set by the user, the original calibration parameter will not be replaced and an alarm signal will be output. 4. Automatic dilution can automatically dilute high-concentration samples. 5. The measurement interval can be set freely according to the actual situation. The user can freely set the measurement time interval. The analyzer remains in standby mode between measurements, avoiding wastage of dose.
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