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What are the characteristics of the multi-parameter water quality analyzer?

by:BOQU     2022-03-03

Multi-parameter water quality analyzer is a detector suitable for industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming places and other fields. It has rapid color detection reagents, fast, simple, accurate and stable measurement and beautiful appearance, the operation interface is simple, and the detection system is accurate, helping users to obtain more accurate and precise data, effectively analyze water resources, prevent breeding risks in advance, and avoid losses in time. What are the characteristics of the multi-parameter water quality analyzer?

What are the features of the multi-parameter water quality analyzer?

1. The multi-parameter water quality analyzer is divided into simple analysis, comprehensive analysis and special analysis for the multi-parameter water quality analyzer. Field investigation, project analysis is not much, but it is required to be fast and timely. Preliminary analysis of the main chemical composition of groundwater in large aquifers depends on specific job requirements.

2. The multi-parameter water quality analyzer can perform fast and accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis, and at the same time conduct automatic, intelligent, real-time online, multi-parameter analysis, and print the result report.

Multi-parameter water quality analyzer function:

1. Not only between countries but also between different regions, there are differences in people's living habits, culture, economic status, technological development level, water resources and water quality.

2. When drinking water, if there are harmful bacteria such as typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, etc. in the water, it can spread various infectious diseases. There are a large number of plankton in the water body, which will reduce the oxygen content in the water body, and a large number of fish will die in the water. Drinking too much fluoride can cause streaks and plaque. In severe cases, the tooth can completely fester. Therefore, monitoring whether the quality of drinking water meets drinking water standards is the key to drinking water in daily life.

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