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What are the characteristics of the tap water quality online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-04-15
At present, my country's water pollution monitoring equipment is relatively mature, but the remote monitoring function is just in its infancy. If these functions need to be customized, the cost will be relatively high. The tap water quality online monitoring system is mainly used for water quality monitoring, so the sensor device is particularly important. It can monitor water dissolved oxygen, turbidity, PH value, conductivity, water temperature and other items in real time, and can upload the monitoring data to The cloud platform is convenient for users to analyze, and the tap water quality online monitoring system can also show many advantages during operation. Features of tap water quality online monitoring system 1. Real-time water quality monitoring: 24-hour continuous online collection of water quality data. 2. Historical data query: The monitoring data can be stored, and the data can be viewed or analyzed at any time if necessary. 3. Real-time alarm: Before using the tap water quality online monitoring system, the early warning value can be set, and the alarm will be triggered in time after the set value is exceeded, mainly by means of SMS or APP push. 4. Statistical analysis of data: The analysis data can be made into daily, monthly and yearly reports, which is convenient for statistical analysis, benchmarking reference, etc. 5. Web monitoring: equipment management personnel can log in to the monitoring system through a browser on any platform, which is very convenient for data analysis. 6. Mobile phone monitoring: If it is inconvenient for managers to use computer software in other places, they can also log in to the platform through the mobile APP, and can view real-time monitoring data anywhere. The tap water quality online monitoring system is a very important component device for the water quality environment monitoring in our country. It can exert good performance characteristics, so that the staff can quickly grasp the water quality situation.
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