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What are the common water quality detectors in the sewage treatment station

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
Sewage is produced in our daily life. Generally, we discharge it into the sewer pipe and collect it in the sewage treatment station for centralized treatment. Since there are a lot of impurities in the sewage, the amount of impurities cannot be completely monitored only by a certain instrument. Therefore, in industries that need to deal with a large amount of sewage, such as sewage stations, a variety of water quality treatment devices are usually installed. The following is Let me introduce to you the common water quality treatment devices in the sewage treatment station. Common water quality treatment devices in sewage treatment stations 1. Online water quality sampler: with timing and quantitative sampling, constant flow and quantitative sampling, isochronous and equal flow ratio, isochronous and equal liquid level ratio, real-time quantitative sampling, integrating flow measurement and water sample collection Water quality monitoring instruments with multiple functions. 2. On-line pH meter: It can be used to measure the pH value, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and temperature value in water quality. 3. On-line conductivity meter: used for continuous detection of conductivity value/TDS in water quality. 4. On-line dissolved oxygen meter: used to detect the value of dissolved oxygen in the solution. 5. Total nitrogen water quality online monitor: online monitoring of total nitrogen indicators. 6. Total phosphorus water quality online monitor: online monitoring of total phosphorus indicators. 6. Ammonia nitrogen water quality online monitor: monitor ammonia nitrogen indicators online. 7. COD water quality online monitor: online monitoring of chemical oxygen demand indicators. 8. Sludge concentration meter: online real-time monitoring of sludge concentration. 9. Open channel flowmeter: a special instrument for testing water quality and flow rate. The above-mentioned various water quality treatment devices are relatively common in the sewage treatment station industry, and they are also indispensable detectors. In order to monitor the quantity of various impurities in the water quality, a variety of devices should be used together to ensure simultaneous monitoring The role of various water quality parameters.
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