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What are the components of the groundwater level remote monitoring system?

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
The level of the groundwater level will affect the looseness of the surface, so it is very necessary to monitor it. When we need to detect the groundwater level, we need to use the groundwater level remote monitoring system, which is composed of various components. , and each device has different functions. In order to make better use of this set of equipment, let's take a look at the components of the underground remote monitoring system. What parts does the groundwater level remote monitoring system consist of? The groundwater level monitoring system is mainly composed of four parts: monitoring center, communication network, micro-power consumption measurement and control terminal, and water level monitoring recorder (water level gauge), all of which have their own functions. In addition, it is also equipped with a monitoring accessory, mainly including: pressure gauge, osmometer, groundwater sampler and field kit, and their functions are introduced below. 1. Pressure gauge: The function of the pressure gauge is to measure the pore pressure in the saturated or unsaturated soil area. The sensor combines pressure sensor, AD converter and internal data acquisition device with powerful functions. 2. Permeameter: It is used for in-situ test of conventional hydraulic pressure conduction on saturated and unsaturated soil. 3. Groundwater sampler: The groundwater sampler combines field tests with laboratory technology, and is a professional tool for quickly collecting liquid or gas samples at specific depths. The entire system, including the compressed sample, is sealed to avoid monitoring sample evaporation. It is mainly used in the field of finding polluted sites or long-term monitoring of groundwater and soil gas. 4. Field kit: The field kit mainly includes sensors and field monitoring units, as well as all the accessories and spare parts required for conducting pore pressure tests in the field. The groundwater level remote monitoring system is mainly composed of four basic devices, but due to the scalability of the system, some monitoring devices can be added according to the requirements of the use to make it have more functions.
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