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What are the components of the surface water quality automatic monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
The surface water automatic monitoring system can be used to monitor the water quality of rivers and lakes in real time. Usually it is composed of multiple structures, and its function is also determined according to this structure, so before using this instrument, you can first understand What is its composition and structure, so that we can judge whether its functions can meet our monitoring requirements, so what is the composition of the surface water automatic monitoring system? The composition and structure of the surface water automatic monitoring system 1. Water collection unit: mainly divided into water pump, pipeline, power supply and installation structure. 2. Water distribution part: divided into water sample pretreatment device, automatic cleaning device and auxiliary part. 3. Analysis unit: It consists of a whole series of automatic water quality analysis and measurement instruments, mainly including water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, permanganate index, total organic carbon, total Nitrogen, total phosphorus, nitrate, phosphate, cyanide, fluoride, chloride, phenols, oil, metal ions, water level gauge, flow/velocity/flow direction gauge and automatic sampling device. 4. Control system: mainly includes system control cabinet and system control software, data acquisition, processing and storage, control and status monitoring of each unit of the base station, wired communication and wireless communication equipment. 5. Sub-station building and supporting facilities: including the main body of the station building and supporting facilities. The surface water automatic monitoring system is mainly composed of water collection unit, water distribution part, analysis unit, air system and other structures, so that it can monitor various parameters in water quality in real time, and can send out an alarm in time when the water quality is abnormal. The abnormal data is saved and uploaded to the control system to facilitate the analysis of the monitoring data.
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