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What are the configurations of miniature water quality monitoring stations?

by:BOQU     2023-04-13
The fixed mini water quality online automatic monitoring station is based on a full range of intelligent, modular and miniaturized water quality online automatic analyzers as the analysis unit, and at the same time integrates water collection and distribution units, pretreatment units, control units, quality control units, and data acquisition units , automatic backwashing and algae removal unit, auxiliary unit and comprehensive operation management system, through automatic operation and remote control, real-time monitoring of the water quality status of river sections, drinking water sources, lakes and reservoirs, oceans and other important waters, and timely grasp Water quality status, early warning of potential environmental risks, forecast of major or basin water pollution accidents, evaluation of water pollution control effectiveness, and settlement of disputes over water pollution accidents across administrative regions. A miniature water quality online automatic monitoring station of a sewage treatment station in Ningxia generally covers an area of ​​less than 2m2 (customizable). The station body is built with anti-corrosion and thermal insulation materials. The internal use of national standard automatic analysis instruments, pretreatment units, water collection and distribution units, and data collection and transmission Unit, control unit, sample retention unit (optional), backwashing and algae removal unit, video monitoring unit (optional) and auxiliary unit form a whole, and the corresponding water station quality control module (optional). It has comprehensive functions and can be used as a key node station for water quality monitoring grid or watershed monitoring section. The main monitoring items include five parameters (ph, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, water temperature) and indicators such as permanganate, ammonia nitrogen, cod, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae.
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