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What are the contents of online monitoring of sewage discharge

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
No matter which industry it is in, a certain amount of sewage will be produced. Untreated sewage will seriously affect the ecological environment in the case of direct discharge. In order to protect the environment from being affected, we need to concentrate the sewage and monitor it. Generally There are many impurities in sewage. In order to better monitor the water quality of sewage, we need to monitor multiple items at the same time. Let's take a look at the content of online monitoring of sewage discharge. What are the contents of online monitoring of sewage discharge 1. Water temperature: The temperature of sewage will have a great impact on the treatment process, and the level of water temperature will affect the microbial activity. Generally, the water temperature of urban sewage treatment plants is in the range of 10°C-25°C, while the temperature of industrial wastewater is related to the treatment process of discharged sewage. 2. PH: Since most of the urban sewage treatment plants currently use biochemical treatment processes, the pH of the microorganisms in the biochemical pool is neutral. In the case of large changes in the pH of the water quality, that is, when there is a partial acid or alkaline, it will cause The microorganisms in the biochemical pool are affected, destroying the treatment system. 3. Dissolved oxygen: There will be anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria in the process of sewage treatment. Aerobic bacteria need oxygen to survive. Dissolved oxygen is used to represent the unit of oxygen content in water. When the oxygen content in sewage is insufficient, it will lead to aerobic bacteria. Bacteria cannot survive normally, which may lead to failure to treat sewage normally. 4. Sludge concentration: If the sludge concentration in the sewage is too high, the oxygen consumption rate will increase, and it is very easy to cause insufficient dissolved oxygen and hypoxia, or a large number of microorganisms will die due to insufficient nutrition. If the sludge concentration is too low, the dissolved oxygen will be too high. If the sludge discharge treatment is not carried out for a long time, the sludge will be aged. Therefore, it is necessary to control the concentration of activated sludge between 2-4g/L. 5. Conductivity: The conductivity of sewage indicates the quantity of inorganic ions. When the conductivity rises sharply, it is usually caused by abnormal industrial wastewater discharge. The above five parameters are the content of online monitoring of sewage discharge. When we monitor the sewage situation, we can design a set of sewage online monitoring system that meets our monitoring requirements according to these parameters.
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