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What are the effects of excess nitrate in water

by:BOQU     2023-03-24
Everyone knows that water quality is an important factor affecting the entire ecological environment, and the protection of the water environment is currently the focus of the country's work in the past five years. Therefore, the detection of water quality parameters has become particularly important. At present, water quality detection can be divided into many Dissolved oxygen, COD, and nitrate are the most used items in the project, but we found that compared with other parameters, people know little about nitrate, so today we will tell you what happens when the nitrate in water is too high Influence. Compared with pH and dissolved oxygen, normal levels of nitrate usually do not have a direct impact on water quality, but excessive nitrate in water not only affects the living conditions of aquatic organisms, but also causes changes in the entire water quality, and has a great impact on the human body. hazards. 1. Nitrates cause eutrophication of water Algae and other plants in the water use nitrates as a food source. If the algae have an unhealthy source of nitrate, their growth will be unrestricted, eventually resulting in a large number of green or blue algae in the water. And when the algae die and decompose, the high content of organic matter and decomposing organisms is depleting the available oxygen, which can lead to the death of other aquatic organisms, thereby destroying the entire water quality environment. 2. The impact of nitrate on the human body For drinking water sources, it is necessary to carefully detect the content of nitrate in the water quality, because if a person drinks water with a high content of nitrate, it will cause hypoxia in the body, because nitrate will Interfere with the oxygen transport function of human red blood cells, causing the body to be unable to obtain the oxygen of the subject. But fortunately, the nitrates in the water can be artificially intervened. 3. Detection steps of nitrate 1. Add water quality sample to the sample bottle. Use gloves during testing. 2. Rinse with water from the vial and fill one tube into the 2.5 mL line. 3. Dilute to the 5 mL mark with mixed acid reagent, wait 2 minutes for the reagent to fully mix. 4. Use a 0.1 gram scoop to add a grade measurement (avoid any 50-60 in one minute). Then please wait 10 minutes. 5. Insert the test tube into the nitrate comparator. Match sample colors to color standards. Record results as mg/L (ppm) nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N). To convert to mg/nitrate (NO3) multiply by 4.4. 6. Place the reacted sample in a clearly marked container. Toxic substance handling personnel should be arranged for safe disposal. Wash your hands after completing the water test. The above are some specific effects of high nitrate in water.
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