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What are the effects of residual chlorine on ultrapure water machines

by:BOQU     2023-04-01
1. Why there is residual chlorine in tap water: In order to avoid water-borne infectious diseases, pathogenic microorganisms in water must be inactivated. Due to the high cost performance of chlorine vapor, bleaching powder or chlorine dioxide, more than 95% of water plants in the world use it. According to my country's GB5749-2006 standard for drinking water, the chlorination index of factory tap water is limited to 4mg/L and the free residual chlorine in the terminal users is guaranteed to be 0.3-0.05mg/L. Therefore, the closer to the water plant, the higher the residual chlorine content. It is often encountered that the residual chlorine index of users is as high as 0.7mg/L or more. Since the chlorinator needs maintenance, it is often intermittently chlorinated, and the residual chlorine in the tap water of most users will fluctuate between 0.05-1mg/L. 2. Side effects caused by adding chlorine for disinfection: 1. Toxicological side effects: when chlorine is added to water, it will react with bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter, and inorganic matter in water to form combined chlorine (NH2Cl, NHCl2 and NCl3); There are disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes and chlorine salts (trichloromethane) in water disinfected with chloride and chlorine, and they are carcinogenic and mutagenic; For example, the cancer-causing risks of chloric acid, dichloroic acid, and trichloroic acid are 50 times and 100 times that of chloroform, respectively. 2. Damage to the ultrapure water system: After disinfection, a part of the chlorine is consumed, and a part of free chlorine is left, which will directly enter the ultrapure water system with the raw water of the ultrapure water machine: ①, HCLO, Cl2 There are Cl₂+H₂O=HCl+HClO (reversible reaction) and HClO=H+ +HCLO- (reversible reaction) in water. Since Cl2 is a small molecule with no charge, the reverse osmosis membrane cannot remove Cl2; ②, the other side ClO- , Cl2 concentration far exceeds the long-term tolerance of reverse osmosis membrane to residual chlorine (less than 0.01mg/L), it is very easy to oxidize, decompose and perforate the reverse osmosis membrane, resulting in a rapid decline in desalination rate. For the above reasons, there is a lot of residual chlorine in the pure water produced by reverse osmosis, which will oxidize the pipelines and various filter materials in pure water and ultrapure water. When customers use UP water, they will also find trihalomethanes, etc. The organic matter exceeds the standard and the chlorine ion exceeds the standard, that is, the chlorine blank value of the ultrapure water does not meet the standard; in addition, the strong oxidation of residual chlorine on the ion exchange resin will destroy its functional groups, resulting in a decrease in the ion exchange performance of the resin and at the same time exacerbating resin fragmentation, resulting in evaporation residue and absorbance Do not meet national standards. 3. Environmental monitoring and other departments have strict monitoring of chlorine indicators: because the organic derivatives of chlorine have carcinogenic risks to the human body, the state controls this indicator. Usually equipped with ion chromatograph and other instruments for detection. If the blank value of the ultrapure water used to dilute the sample exceeds the standard, and there is no order of magnitude difference between its own chlorine index and the sample to be tested, how can it make a scientific judgment on the sample to be tested? 3. The pretreatment device with unique technology of Youpu ultra-pure water machine can effectively remove residual chlorine: 1. High efficiency: the filter material in the device quickly and efficiently reduces residual chlorine, and converts residual chlorine into a reverse osmosis column The ions that can be removed improve the stability of the reverse osmosis column. 2. Adsorption and stability: It can absorb organic matter in water, remove odor and color, and has the effect of activated carbon; there is no release of impurities such as heavy metals and organic matter, and the performance is stable. 3. Scale resistance: While removing residual chlorine, it can properly reduce the pH value of raw water, prevent the combination and sedimentation of calcium and magnesium ions and carbonate ions, and prolong the life of the reverse osmosis column. 4. The utilization rate of the filter material is very high: it avoids the replacement effect of the ordinary filter element only on the surface of the filter material, and the filter element will perform the effect of depth, which is a filter element with high cost performance. Frequent replacement of pretreatment materials can remove most of the impurities in the water body at the source, protect the pure water produced by the rear-stage reverse osmosis column, and then obtain ultra-pure water for laboratory use with extremely low blank value through the post-stage ultra-purification treatment .
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