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What are the functional characteristics of the ammonia nitrogen online analyzer?

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
In recent years, water pollution incidents are frequent, and water eutrophication has become a problem that has attracted worldwide attention. The content of ammonia nitrogen in the water body is closely related to the eutrophication of the water body, and the change of the ammonia nitrogen content can objectively reflect the degree of pollution of the water body. The ammonia nitrogen online analyzer has played an important role at this time, and BOQU instrument is a formal enterprise that provides the ammonia nitrogen online analyzer. It is understood that there are currently 6 main method principles that can be used for ammonia nitrogen online analyzers, namely Nessler's reagent spectrophotometry instrument, salicylic acid spectrophotometry instrument, ammonia gas sensitive electrode method instrument, conductivity method instrument, titration method instrument And the ammonium ion selection method instrument. So what are the functional characteristics of the ammonia nitrogen online analyzer? Follow the editor of BOQU Instruments to take a look. The following points should be paid attention to when choosing an online ammonia nitrogen analyzer: (1) Dissolved organic matter has a strong absorption of ultraviolet light. Although the dual-wavelength measurement and subtraction method is used for correction, the interference intensity and characteristics of different samples are different. '2A275' The correction value is only empirical, and the nitrogen in the organic matter has not been completely converted into NO3--N has an impact on the measurement results and also makes the value of '2A275' uncertain. When the sample is completely digested, the A275 value is close to the blank value. (2) Many cations and anions in the solution have certain absorption to ultraviolet light, wherein iodide ions are more than 2.2 times relative to the total nitrogen content, and bromide ions are more than 3.4 times relative to the total nitrogen content. (3) Samples should be processed to prevent contamination of soluble nitrogen-containing compounds in the air, and the testing room should avoid volatile compounds such as ammonia or nitric acid. Features of ammonia nitrogen online analyzer: 1. Follow the analysis method of national standard GB7479-87 and industry standard HJ/T101-2003; 2. Using double differential optical design and adaptive temperature algorithm, the measurement result is stable and reliable; 3. Equipped with high-precision automatic Dilution device, wide measuring range, suitable for all kinds of water bodies; 4. Each liquid passes through matching quantitative pump and sampling pump, accurate sampling, no cross-contamination; 5. The structure of the flow path system is simple, no complicated parts, no special tools, easy maintenance; 6. Circuit system integrated design and completely isolated from wet chemical components, safe operation, low failure rate. Shanghai BOQU Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of water analysis sensors and water analysis instruments, involving industries such as: biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, nuclear power thermal power, petrochemical, environmental protection Environmental monitoring and sewage treatment, tap water, drinking water, scientific research institute laboratories, swimming pools, etc. It has a complete range of products covering more than 90% of water quality monitoring. The regular products are in stock in sufficient quantity and can be shipped within 3 working days. The customized products are promised to be delivered on schedule.
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