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What are the functional design features of the residual chlorine analyzer?

by:BOQU     2023-03-31
Low configuration features of residual chlorine analyzer: (01) Memory standard curve, self-correction, with power-off protection function; (02) One-button calibration function, easy and practical to operate; (03) Some tube colorimetric optical path design , making the experiment more convenient and accurate; (04) Wide optical diameter colorimetric tube is used, and the experimental colorimetry is combined into one. , making the experiment more convenient, fast and accurate; the residual chlorine detector can detect residual chlorine or total chlorine; use the built-in curve correction; the residual chlorine detector has automatic turbidity, automatic color compensation and automatic diagnosis functions; a set of reagents is available The residual chlorine tester runs automatically for 30 days; the analysis cycle is 2.5 minutes (regular version)/10 minutes (pipe network version); the residual chlorine tester can be connected with the automatic chlorine addition pump to realize automatic chlorine addition; the residual chlorine tester can be used for Human-attended monitoring station; Overview of the use of the residual chlorine detector The residual chlorine detector adopts the dpd method, and the photoelectric colorimetric detection principle is used to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. Human error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. When measuring, when the tested water sample is put into the dpd tablet, the water sample will turn red. Then put the water sample into the photoelectric colorimetric seat, and the instrument will obtain the concentration of residual chlorine by comparing the shade of red. It can be applied to detect residual chlorine/total chlorine concentration of domestic or industrial water in large, medium and small water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, swimming pools, etc., so as to control the residual chlorine/total chlorine of water to meet the specified water quality standards. Features of the residual chlorine detector: streamlined appearance design, low drift, high precision circuit system, the instrument can work stably for a long time. LCD digital display, high-intensity and long-life light source, no worries about replacement, good stability, and maintenance-free. The dpd method is used for photoelectric colorimetric determination, which can measure free residual chlorine, total chlorine and combined residual chlorine.
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