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What are the functions of the portable multi-parameter water quality detector in normal use?

by:BOQU     2022-02-25

Portable multi-parameter water quality tester, as the name suggests, should first meet portability, even if it is easy to carry and move; secondly, it emphasizes multi-parameters, that is, we usually require the collection of multiple measurement indicators in one instrument Above; the latter is the water quality detector, which is an instrument for detecting water quality indicators, usually we can express it as the water quality indicators of sewage or wastewater.

A portable multi-parameter water quality detector integrates digestion and measurement and also provides more spare partitions to realize the carrying of detection necessities such as digestion tubes, cuvettes, measuring reagents, pipettes, etc. It can not only detect water quality indicators that do not need digestion such as ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, suspended solids, etc., but also can detect water quality indicators such as COD, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen that need to be digested. The digestion part and the measurement part are independently controlled by the power switch. They can be operated separately, and the digestion and measurement processes do not affect each other. The two processes are integrated into one instrument, which truly realizes portability. Only one instrument can be carried when going out to operate or move. , No external UPS power supply is required, and the instrument has a built-in imported lithium battery to achieve two normal COD measurement and digestion.

Normal conditions of use of the portable multi-parameter water quality detector:

1. Ambient temperature: 5~40℃.

2. Relative humidity: ≤85%.

3. Power supply: lithium battery.

4. No significant vibration and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight.

Portable Multi-parameter Water Quality Detector Features:

1. Less reagent consumption, low operating cost and strong anti-interference ability.

2. The measurement range is wide, and the range can be switched according to the actual situation of the water sample.

3. The intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes instrument management and maintenance easy and convenient.

4. It has a data output interface, which can be connected to a computer and transmit the measurement data to the computer.

5. Automatic constant temperature control of digestion system, PID adjustment technology, constant temperature in the digestion process and high precision.

6.2-point to 7-point calibration mode, automatic calculation of slope, intercept and correlation coefficient, high measurement accuracy.

7. Large-screen LCD backlight display, 240*128 dot matrix, Chinese operation interface, user-friendly programming design.

8. The instrument has a built-in real-time clock, and each measurement record has a measurement time stamp, which is convenient for statistics and queries.

9. Large-capacity data storage, power-off protection design, to ensure that the instrument is not damaged and data records are lost.

10. Strong anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial sites, and can be widely used in the monitoring of surface water and pollution sources.

11. The instrument adopts a semiconductor cold light source illuminator, unique optical circuit design, high measurement data accuracy, good stability, and the light source life can reach tens of thousands of hours.

12. The instrument has its own or optional printer (according to the specific model), which can directly print the measurement data and historical data.

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