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What are the installation conditions of water quality analysis instruments, and how to carry out routine maintenance?

by:BOQU     2022-03-05

Water quality analysis instrument is mainly a device for testing water quality, which can effectively measure the water quality, which is convenient and fast. When installing the instrument, you need to pay attention to some conditions, including sampling conditions and installation site conditions, and also pay attention to the safety matters to ensure accurate and safe installation. In addition, you should also pay attention to its maintenance when using it, which is conducive to better use.

What are the installation conditions for water quality analysis instruments?

1. Sampling conditions: The sampling point should be a general location that can represent water quality, rather than a specific location; the sampling point should be close to the installation location of the equipment, which is convenient for users to perform sampling during manual analysis. Even if the volume of water becomes smaller, the insertion part of the sampling tube should be deep enough.

2. Installation site conditions: The equipment should be installed near the sampling point, and the length of the pipeline should be shortened to reduce the time delay; the ambient temperature and humidity should meet the requirements, among which the user needs to pay special attention not to use frozen tap water and reagents; Avoid direct sunlight and wind and rain when installing the equipment. What are the precautions for the installation of water quality analysis instruments?

1. It is necessary to provide enough space for wiring work and maintenance work, users need to have enough power supply and tap water, and shock and vibration should be minimized.

2. The equipment should not be in direct contact with water and chemical reagents, the installation ground should be flat and firm, and users need to be equipped with drainage facilities.

3. Rapid fluctuations in power supply voltage and frequency should be avoided, and electromagnetic induction facilities or equipment that generate spark discharges should be avoided, or equipment installed near other noise sources, and lightning protection measures should be taken in required areas.

What are the daily maintenance methods for water quality analysis instruments?

1. Cleaning and pretreatment system: The pretreatment system does not require regular manual sewage cleaning. The filter sewage outlet can be opened to 50% to maintain normal water flow, and the automatic flushing function can be realized.

2. Cleaning the reaction chamber: The instrument has an automatic cleaning function, no manual cleaning is required. When the equipment is abnormal and the reaction chamber is fouled, the manual operation panel can be forced to enter the cleaning mode, and the instrument will exit the measurement state and enter the cleaning mode.

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