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What are the main factors that affect the multi-parameter water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2022-03-13

The multi-parameter water quality monitor is manufactured for long-term use in the field. Many features of the instrument are designed to improve reliability and durability. For example, the hidden sensor can better avoid damage to the sensor; the detachable cable interface can effectively protect the pins from being bent or broken; the LED of the host can display whether the circuit board is working normally; in order to improve the inspection efficiency, the Manta series conducts The waterproof design meets the waterproof specification of IP-67, and the whole machine can be directly read into the water, which is convenient and fast.

Multi-parameter water quality detector is a dual-input multi-parameter digital analyzer with a dual-interface display function, plug and play. Can measure pH, conductivity, LDO and temperature, can use two different electrodes to measure at the same time, can see the measurement information of two electrodes on one display, can transfer GLP/ISO data to a USB stick or computer --- Can transfer all data records or individual readings.

The structure and working principle of the multi-parameter water quality detector:

The multi-parameter water quality tester is based on the visible light micro-spectrometer independently developed by the Microsystem Research Center of Chongqing University. Real-time online detection of water quality parameters. The multi-parameter water quality detector is mainly composed of five parts: optical system, flow system, multi-functional sample testing room, control system and embedded system. The optical system provides the optical path and absorption spectrum detection for absorbance detection. The flow path system is composed of microfluidic devices. The multi-functional sample detection chamber integrates the structure of ultrasonic cleaning and Peltier's constant temperature. The control system realizes each functional module according to the detection needs. Work in an orderly manner, the embedded receiver receives the detection data transmitted by the spectrometer and completes the processing of the data and the display of the detection results.

Multi-parameter water quality monitor influencing factors:

In the process of using multi-parameter water quality detector to detect water quality, the factors that can affect water quality detection mainly include source factors and category factors. The first is the source factor. In normal work, sometimes the staff will mistake the source of the water quality samples to be tested, which will lead to the inability to analyze the water quality results correctly, resulting in the inability to provide a solution to the problem. Secondly, for different water quality samples, different parameter detection methods should be selected on the multi-parameter water quality detector.

For example, the testing methods used for surface water quality and groundwater quality are quite different. The water quality on the ground can be preliminarily sampled through changes in water level, velocity and direction of the water body, as well as the distribution of coastal cities, industrial layout, pollution sources and their sewage conditions, and urban water supply and drainage conditions.

However, the collection of groundwater quality is not suitable for this method. It needs to collect water samples according to the urban development, industrial distribution, land utilization and other conditions in the water quality area. If the differences in various types of water quality are not correctly recognized, the accuracy of the results of water quality testing will be affected. The usable amount of water resources are limited, and water resources are not inexhaustible. Therefore, we must pay attention to the relationship between water conservation and development and utilization, and we must pay attention to throttling and opening up sources.

China has put forward the general requirements for building a conservation-oriented society, and the 'Water Conservation Management Regulations' are also being drafted intensely. We should take this opportunity to actively promote water conservation technologies, actively promote water conservation awareness, and vigorously improve water resources. At the same time, the total amount of water consumption is strictly controlled, and the quota control management of water consumption is implemented.

According to the distribution range and carrying capacity of water resources, correctly guide the way of industrial industry agglomeration. Water quality problems have become increasingly prominent, and effective open-source measures have been implemented in areas with relatively abundant water. Apply the multi-parameter water quality monitor to the daily processing and production process.

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